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Our Lady of Mercy Music Ministry

Dear Parish Family,

Each Sunday when we gather to celebrate the Eucharist we sing sacred songs and hymns because music helps the words get into our hearts and our minds even better than listening or speaking does. Everyone who comes to Mass, from the presider to the lectors, ushers – everyone – is part of the singing church.

The role of our parish choirs is to invite the larger assembly into song, and to embellish the voice of the congregation. The choirs use their great gift of song to spread faith into our hearts and minds.

During the month of August we encourage all parishioners to consider becoming involved in one of our many parish choirs. Please see the reverse side of this sheet for detailed information about the many opportunities available.

There is an old proverb that says: “Someone who sings well prays twice.” We invite you to consider taking an active role in leading the sung prayer of our parish by becoming involved in one of our parish choirs.

Debra Wyka Music Minister


Choir Opportunities
2016 – 2017

Children’s Choir
Grades 2 – 6
Rehearsal: Thursday 5:15 – 6:00PM
Sings twice a month (Sundays) at the 9:30AM Family Liturgy

Contemporary Ensemble Grades 7 – 12
Rehearsal: 45 Minutes before Mass (4:45pm)
Sings every Saturday at the 5:30PM Liturgy

Song Menus for Adult & Teen Choirs
Lent 2018 Easter 2018

Adult Choir
Rehearsal: Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30PM
Sings every Sunday at the 11:00AM Liturgy

Grades 6 – 12
Rehearses Seasonally (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost)
Plays at the 9:30AM Family Liturgy per season

Please note that the schedule is subject to change.
There are also high school vocalist and instrumentalist opportunities
for our Saturday 5:30pm Mass.

Contact Debra Wyka at
(201) 358-2994 or debrawyka@aol.com for more info!