Social Justice and Peace Ministry
of Our Lady of Mercy Church

graphic by Richard Rhor


To provide opportunities for OLM individuals, ministries and
families to understand and take action by addressing issues of
social justice and peace on a local and global level.

While pursuing our mission, the Social Justice and Peace Ministry sponsors a wide array of actions and events. The main goal of the Social Justice and Peace Ministry is to provide opportunities for individuals, groups and families at Our Lady of Mercy who would like to understand and take action addressing issues of social justice and peace on a local and global level.

These experiences have involved sharing the joy of service or taking part in events revolving around education, legislation and awareness. Some actions have spun off to become ministries in themselves- like the Ministry with our Twinning parish in Haiti and the Guadeloupe Project created with our Spanish community.

“One Day, One Ministry” approach is used by the Social Justice and Peace Ministry so parishioners of OLM may become involved in a variety of ways reflecting on the amount of time, treasure and talent they are able to share. The Ministry uses the OLM Church bulletin, website, Parish Newsletter, community newspapers, posters in church and announcements from the pulpit to help us spread the “Good News”.

If a parishioner is interested in becoming part of the planning and organizing team, there are monthly meetings that are announced in the church bulletin. Perhaps you are able to contribute in prayer, donations or action on a one time basis, then “One Day, One Ministry” is for you. Our Lady of Mercy has the opportunity for you to become involved in social justice and peace action according to your own life schedules. Catholic social teaching emphasizes that we become involved in some way no matter how great or small.

“We need a renewed commitment to the common good- a good that must be there for us all, if it is to be there for any of us.”
-Dr. David Hollenbach, S.J., Professor of Theology and Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Boston College.


meeting dates / food drives / events

SJ&PM meets on Wednesdays
from 7:15 PM -9:00 PM in the Parish Center.
See calendar for current meeting dates

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