Things which no eye ever saw and no ear ever heard, and never occurred to the human mind, which God has provided for those who love him

(1 Corinthians 2:9)

"Is that all there is;

is that all there is?"

Plaintive words

from a song that reviews

a series of recollections

of an unhappy and frustrated past.


Are you ever moved

to ask this question

as it concerns your experience

in the Christian faith:

"Is that all there is?"

Have I tasted all the joys

and all the comforts

of Christian commitment?


The answer is a resounding no.


No because the Christian experience

is an adventure toward God,

and we have not yet arrived.


No because, as the philosophers say,

God is always greater and larger

than you have ever succeeded

in realizing Him.

There is more to God

than any of us can experience

of Him in our lifetime.


At most, we have perhaps

"touched the hem of

His garment."

Undreamed of satisfactions

await us

as we make our way toward God.