Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen to give you the kingdom.


(Luke 12:32)



There is a power in smallness.


The mere 26 letters

of the alphabet

can be combined and juggled

into words and sentences

that carry the deepest thoughts

of one man to another.

The scant 10 digits on a telephone dial

can be used to

put two individuals into dialogue

across the distance

of a continent or an ocean.


The fact

of smallness


must not automatically be taken

to be incapacitating.

Realize that

even if your group of workers,

your circle of friends

or your religious associates

have dwindled drastically in numbers,

few as they may now be,

they can be taken up

by the Holy Spirit

and used as His triumphant vehicle.



God works

in wondrous ways

His marvels to achieve.