The disciple is not superior to his teacher nor the slave to his master... If they have called the master of the house Beelzebul, what will they not say of his household?


(Matthew 10:24-25)













On one occasion


censured his contemporaries

in these terms:

"We played the pipes

for you

and you wouldn't dance,

We sang dirges,

and you wouldn't cry."


These words

are an indictment

of the insensitivity

of some people

to God's truth and purposes

They speak of frivolous rejection

of God's overtures

to men.


If Christ Himself

encountered such indifference

as He went about

preaching the Good News

why should we be


when we, in out turn,

meet up with

similar unresponsiveness

in our attempts

to bring god

and His truth

to men?



Luke 7:32