My brothers, what is the good of a man's saying he has faith, if he has no good deeds to show?


(James 2:14)













"Let not thy learning

exceed thy deeds.

Mere knowledge is not the goal

but action."


Wise words

taken from the Talmud

saying something that is

strong and necessary for us.


How laughable

some persons in our midst

make themselves by talking

so glibly of love

and being so obviously


Think of their expressed attitudes

toward established authority;

too often gratuitously hostile.


How incredible

they make themselves

by their incessant chatter

about community

while being so intolerant

of differing tastes and personalities.


We must learn from their failures.


Let it not be said of us

as, I believe,

it can be said

of them:

vox, vox et praeterea nihil:

words, words and nothing else.