Yahweh, you yourself are my lamp, my God lights up my darkness.


(Psalm 18:28)




a man had a curious dream.

He saw himself

already dead,
and in his amazement
he cried out,
"I can't be dead,
I haven't lived yet!"

That cry was really a protest;
an outcry against
the emptiness of his life.
Nothing had happened there yet
to make that life significant.

This must not be so
in our lives.
If we put God there
God is large enough to occupy
the vast spaces of human life;
to fill the wide expanse
of human aspiration,

If you,
were to have this dream
would you have to say:
"I haven't lived yet", or
could you better say:
"Dismiss your servant in peace
oh Lord,
for my eyes have seen
your salvation"?


 Luke 2:29