God, you are my God, I am seeking you, my soul is thirsting for you


(Psalm 63:1)




The Gospel presents us

with a spate of persons
who longed for Christ.
Indeed the Gospel begins
with a reference to two such persons:
Simeon and Anna, the prophetess.
They prayed and fasted as they awaited

the salvation of Israel,
that is, the Christ.
Then there was the group of Greeks
who came up to the Apostles and said:
"Sir, we should like to see the Master."

Elsewhere in the Gospel
we meet two more:
Nathaniel and Philip
who were instructed by the law and the prophets
to wait for the Messiah, the Christ.
We must not forget that each of these persons
had his craving for Christ slaked.

That prompts us to ask ourselves:
are we living

in the expectation of Christ?
To be sure we have long since met up with him
but do we have the hope of drawing closer to him?

Perhaps the main reason we have not achieved
greater intimacy with Christ
is simply that
we have not dared desire it.