You will reveal the path of life to me.

(Luke 12:6-7)

A man
sits in an airline terminal
for hours
feasting his eyes on those with destinations.
What a satisfaction to have a destination in life!
What a horror to drift
aimlessly through life!
Have you ever stopped to think
that Christ has delivered us

from such a pitiable condition as that -
the condition of not being able
to move effectively
toward a clear-cut goal.
Christ said: "I am the way"* and
"I am the light".**

It is by means of a path,
and light
that we can organize our movement.

By means of a path
we can successfully make our way
through the woods;
by means of light
we orient ourselves;
we can know where we are and
where we must head for.

All this is to say that
the coming of Christ into our life
endows it with a destination
and with joyful hope of
attaining it.

      *(John 14:6)
         **(John 8:12