As a deer longs for the water-courses, so my whole being longs for thee, O God.

(Psalm 42:1)

There is
a vehement passion in man
that propels him unremittingly
toward God.
In these days,
this drive, as it appears,
is inarticulate and, at best,
only dimly realized.
No one goes about professing
an urge toward God.

Yet this aspiration
for all its wordlessness
and for all its being
staunchly disavowed
is strong and real.

The disquiet
and general want of social ease
that one senses widely in the world
may be read as a symptom
of man's breathless,
groping struggle
toward God.

"You have made our hearts for Thee
and they will not rest
until they rest
in Thee."
(St. Augustine)